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Best Virtualization Platform for

Cloud Providers

Win new clients by adding a cost-effective DaaS offering to your service line.


Cut VDI costs and simplify IT management routines.

Software vendors

Turn your apps into SaaS and win new clients.


Enable your employees to work from home and reduce IT spendings.


SOFTKLIX offers ultra-secure virtualization technologies and revolutionary administration tools which enable any company to deliver and manage cost-effective remote workspaces.

GDPR Compliant

German quality

Unique orchestration tools

Reduce TCO by 50%

SOFTKLIX allows you to cut in half Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) comparing with the leading VDI solutions due to the savings on licencing and cloud computing. Moreover, you get a unique set of orchestration tools to ensure smooth performance of your remote workplaces and virtual apps.

Success story

Leading System Integrator from the Middle East improved work efficiency with SOFTKLIX Virtualization Orchestration tools

  • 50+ clients managed from one platform
  • 30% lower personnel costs
  • by 50% decreased TCO

Asian Cloud Provider launched a Workplace-as-a-Service offer with SOFTKLIX Virtualization and Orchestration platform

  • 20% higher SMBs turnover
  • 100+ new clients
  • Increased market position among SMB clients

African University provides a full-fledged remote learning with SOFTKLIX

  • Used by 7000+ students even on low-performing devices
  • 25% costs saved on administration and app licensing
  • Provides free access to the university apps, educational materials, and storage space via browser

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