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SOFTKLIX is lowest cost and easiest to user Virtualization platform….that delivers much more.

Technically, SOFTKLIX delivers the most independent Multi-Cloud, Application, Desktop and Windows VDI management infrastructure available today. SOFTKLIX hosted on your own private computers, via a data centre(s) [including public cloud environments] as well in a hybrid hosted environment (local and cloud). That said, uniquely with SOFTKLIX, you don’t need to have a great understand of technology.


  1. Order
  2. Download
  3. Install
  4. Deploy
  5. Run your Virtual Apps or Virtual Desktops

Within minutes, you’re up and running with a full Computer/Application-on-Demand service, but with zero hassle, zero complexity and you can amend/cancel at any time. SOFTKLIX is very intuitive and there are no unnecessary complicated terminologies and you don’t need to have extensive prior SOFTKLIX technical knowledge as you would, with other technologies like… Azure, AWS, Google, Citrix or VMware.

SOFTKLIX is the only viable alternative to Citrix and VMware.

The SOFTKLIX strategy is to reduce the cost and simplify the delivery of IT so that users only have to choose the Apps or Desktops they require deploying via any independent remote data centre/server resources (as virtual or physical Windows machines).

Within a few mouse ‘KLIX’, Apps and Data are instantaneously hosted, giving the user the highest levels of security, simplicity and performance and all at the lowest ever costs. Not only that, but with SOFTKLIX, there are no additional hidden costs either initially, or in the future.

At SOFTKLIX, we ensure that all our customers and partners have the freedom to remain independent from ‘giant’ vendors….which is becoming increasing less possible in today’s IT world. SOFTKLIX wants their users to determine the future of their own “VIRTUAL OFFICE / Computing-On-Demand”, either in their own rented Data Centre(s), On-Premise Servers, or in the Data Centre of their preferred CSP.

Yes!  At SOFTKLIX, you are given ‘FULL’ admin rights, which mean that you are free to decide which of their preferred Apps or 3rdParty software or services you want to install on your own hosted platform environment. Users also have the ability to choose other ‘optional’ SOFTKLIX tools services and on-demand support.

SOFTKLIX is 100% compatible with Windows and therefore conforms to the ‘de-facto’ market standards from Microsoft. This applies to both Windows Desktop AND Windows Server operating systems (refer to recommendations) even in hybrid (mixed) environments, under the Microsoft license Deployment agreements, for both Cloud and On-Premise or mixed desktop or Server O/S’s which can be clustered.

The SOFTKLIX platform has been specifically developed to eliminate cost, complexity and dependencies, in order to avoid confusion and thus save significant time and hassle. SOFTKLIX is designed simply for human use, rather than complex only for geniuses to use. This is because SOFTKLIX supplies all the necessary tools and services to make life easy for our users. At SOFTKLIX we also ensure that updates and patches are automatically free of charge for our subscribers.

Yes. SOFTKLIX tries to ensure that only certified Data Centers are used worldwide. We choose our ‘best-of-breed’ partners carefully and insist that they supply the highest possible levels of security. Clearly, this service may vary from country to country, but it’s important to note that connectivity to the SOFTKLIX host incorporates a 128 Bit SSL connectivity (via HTML5, refer to SOFTKLIX PRO product).

Yes. As long as the domains are freely available, they can be added. As an option, SOFTKLIX can also provide your own secure “preferred” domain or SSL certificates, e.g. HTTPS://MY-COMPANY.COM etc.

No. Users don’t need to install anything. Just type in ‘your’ domain name or the IP-Address of the CSP and run the SOFTKLIX services via the local web-based browsers e.g. Safari, IE, EDGE, Firefox, Chrome, Slimjet, Opera etc. The benefit of this, is that all communication goes through the SOFTKLIX web-based Login Access Client so no extra access client software needs to be installed, updated or maintained. The software installs or prepares everything automatically.

Any 32-Bit and/or 64-Bit Windows Application or emulators can be used with SOFTKLIX for all non-Windows OS/s e.g. Linux, iOS, Android etc.


  • Windows Apps (via Remote Desktop Services, RDSH): are transposed via the SOFTKLIX technology. The same applies for Apps and the Windows Desktop Mode for one or multiple users at the same time to one or multiple/clustered subscribed hosts.
  • Linux Apps: these are also transposed via the SOFTKLIX technology.
  • Web Apps: these are made available via the SOFTKLIX technology through the local browser.
  • SaaS Apps: SOFTKLIX is neutral to any browser based Apps e.g. Office365 or Google Apps or locally executed VoIP Clients. Recommendation: Better to install on local clients with local browser, instead of artificially utilizing the SOFTKLIX Server(s).
  • SOFTKLIX VDI: The SOFTKLIX platform gives users FULL admin rights to manage a connection to any other SOFTKLIX VDI host(s) via the SOFTKLIX remote Deployment Center management tool. After the login process, users get their own Windows Desktop in full screen mode.

With SOFTKLIX PRO a 3rd party “VIRTUAL OFFICE” App is provided “free of charge” which is called SOFTOFFICE. The SOFTOFFICE software is comparable with the following Microsoft Office Software e.g. Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Presentations. To make life as simple as possible, SOFTOFFICE and MS-Office can run in parallel (or independently), however with Microsoft Office, there are additional fees to take in to consideration where as SOFTOFFICE is bound to the annual subscription and free. When SOFTKLIX delivers alternative 3rd party apps and tools, we are always looking for ways of delivering cost efficient ways of escaping from the dependencies from the likes of Microsoft or other brands who constantly want to charge large fees.

No. SOFTKLIX enables legacy applications and files to be made available through the SOFTKLIX native or web-browser access clients. This means there is no costly rewriting of application which would typically be necessary. This makes SOFTKLIX very “disruptive” as the cost for our customers implementing legacy apps would be virtually ‘zero’ rather than $1,000’s or tens of $1,000’s.

Yes. SOFTKLIX PRO uses a 128 Bit SSL encrypted connection which makes it a very secure solution. There is no need for an extra VPN.

Unlike today’s computing, which means that you have to purchase lots of different complex products and technologies, SOFTKLIX is an ‘all-in-one’ service that is sold on an annual subscription basis. Of course contracted partner may offer monthly fees in line with their other products and services. SOFTKLIX also provides support services e.g. Install-Assist & Maintain-Assist, which if used, are charged separately.

Yes. As long as you give 30 day’s notice.

The full year fee will be taken and no refund will be given.

Yes. SOFTKLIX subscriptions can be cancelled 3 months before the end of the subscription period. After this time, the subscription will be renewed for another year, for all user licenses.

SOFTKLIX supports the most common hypervisor platforms e.g. Microsoft hyper-V and any KVM hypervisors that have been tested and qualified for our CSP’s. For any other Hypervisor(s), SOFTKLIX would investigate their suitability to be supported and would become available in subsequent releases. Once approved, additional functionality may be possible e.g. allow direct control of different hypervisor images, so that the user can e.g. freeze, start or stop a virtual session. In order to do this, our development team would need to be provided with an API to control the hypervisor.

Yes. There are no limits on the type of printers that can be used with SOFTKLIX. SOFTKLIX supports printers that can print at least Windows standard XPS files. Users either deploy existing network printers (typically within a company network) or a “Virtual Printer”. A virtual printer generates the document to be printed within a browser and will launch the print job from the browser to the known printers on the user’s PC. There is no longer any need to manage printer drivers.

Yes. Smartcards are supported. However, the end user must install a small agent locally at the endpoint device.

No. SOFTKLIX is a neutral software vendor that works closely with 3rd party CSP’s around the world. SOFTKLIX licenses its software to end users e.g. SMB’s and Education, but SOFTKLIX is an ideal solution to be provided by CSP’s, SI or resellers.

SOFTKLIX sells license keys based on the number of ‘named’ users. Named users should be compared to internet ‘bandwidth’ to maximize performance; e.g. 20 named users means that at any time 20 users can simultaneously log in into SOFTKLIX.

No. Users can access as many applications and as many SOFTKLIX hosts with SOFTKLIX as they like. The SOFTKLIX pricing is only based on the number of named licensed users.


Note: SOFTKLIX acknowledges all related non SOFTKLIX Copyrights, Product names and Trademarks of the related companies and products in this document.


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