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who is Behind SOFTKLIX?

SOFTKLIX is a software spin-off from a Global Virtualization & Thin Client market leader.

The team are just like you and me, but with multiple important differences in that they all want to reduce cost, complexity and incompatibility, associated with modern day IT solutions & infrastructures.

They’re a worldwide, enthusiastic group of technologists & developers with over 100 years of combined experience, that have been brought together to produce the coolest and most highly intuitive software Virtualization & Hyperconvergent platform, that contains millions of lines of source code. The platform has been developed to incorporate the highest levels of technological advancement, combined with the most efficient performance possible, to deliver a mature computer IT architecture for ‘mass’ worldwide IT consumption.



SOFTKLIX is a synonym for…. “Incorporating, managing and remotely controlling complex SOFTWARE environments with only a few mouse-KLIX”. This includes Windows O/S’s (server/desktop), Virtualization, Applications, virtual Desktops and physical/virtual hardware (e.g. operating system components, cores & RAM), as well as all the leading network and security standards, all from the industry leaders.

At the same time, SOFTKLIX, as a cloud and on-premise aggregator, integrates  with and takes-over the world’s best-known hypervisor(s) and para-virtualized computing resources in the “simplest” possible way. This means that ‘EVERY’ administrator is ‘empowered’ to deliver the most efficient “computing” environments for 1 or 1,000s of users. Each user can also be in clusters, with each having their own unique requirements and needs. From only $2, users can be up and running in a matter of minutes with the most ingenious and intuitive software platform anywhere in the world.


SOFTKLIX also supports Hyperconvergence. Hyperconvergence combines  storage, computing and networking in a single solution, that significantly reduces data center complexity, whilst at the same time, enabling increased scalability.

It also means that multiple servers, from one, or multiple Cloud Service Providers (CSP’s), can be managed and clustered together to create, vast global cloud/on-premise/hybrid/co-location based pools of shared computing and/or storage resources, designed for the most convenient consumption.

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