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IT-Platform Details

Hyperconvergence/virtual Servers

We deliver on the same license...

  • 3 different Windows Virtualization technologies
  • Multi-User/VDI support for Windows Server OS/s
  • Multi-User/VDI support for Linux (optional)
  • Multi-Cloud support (Cloud/On-premise/hybrid)
  • Multi-Tenancy (managed unlimied IT-Platforms remotely)
  • Mulit-Server (App-Load Balancing/Pooling)
  • Multi-Server (Clustering/Cloud-Printing/Cloud-Clipboard)
  • Hyperconvergence implementation for most hypervisors
  • Full Windows Active Directory & shared Folders support
  • App Load Balancing (Round Robin Method/Pooling)

IT-Platform Details

Administration Server Side

We deliver on the same license...

  • Web-based Deployment Management Platform
  • Multi-Tenancy, manage all remotely via only one platform tool
  • Sync/Import all Active Directory profiles/settings in minutes
  • Shared and private Folders for all users (locally, cloud-storage etc.)
  • Create unlimited secure user profiles within minutes
  • Manage Application Groups and user deployments
  • API-Access to AWS/hyper-V/KVM, access to vmware hypervisor
  • Enhanced System and Secturity settings
  • App/User/IP-Access tracking/monitoring (billing, security, optimizations…)
  • Various Log-Files download/export to XLS etc.
  • Mail-Notification System, OEM-Interface, Gateway Management etc.

IT-Platform Details

Client Access Side

We deliver on the same license

  • Web-based Single Sign-on/SSL/128 Bit
  • Web-based HTML5 Access/Native Access Clients
  • Web-based Security Webspace/virtual Apps
  • Multi-Screen Support
  • Driverless Printing (Cloud/LAN)
  • Zero Installation Access Client
  • BYOD support and 100% separated app/data access

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