Sizing & Capacity Planning - General Guide

Please consider the following recommendations for your Server(s):

SOFTKLIX PRO physical Server Dimensioning


Note: SOFTKLIX strongly recommends that you split the server load over so called ‘SOFTKLIX server clusters’. This means, that the Applications are distributed and split across multiple SOFTKLIX Application Servers via LAN or WAN. This increases the redundancy and also the performance. Power-User scenarios are suggested upon request and depend on the thrid party software to be used.

SOFTKLIX PRO, hypervisor (VM) Server Dimensioning

The below matrix allows administrators to estimate Server Resources in virtual machines (hypervisors):

The main benefit of “virtual machine” images, is that the administrator can easily adjust the related resources with just a few mouse clicks. SOFTKLIX has the ability run in mixed (hybrid) environments, which means either on-premise, in the cloud or both at the same time.

Also, SOFTKLIX can manage multiple VMs within a single or multiple cloud-service providers (CSPs) scenario. This makes SOFTKLIX extremely flexible and because we employ unique licensing model which is based on a per User and not per Server, as per the competition. Thus we are extremely more affordable. Just clone and run existing virtual Windows images. SOFTKLIX allows you easily to cluster another second or third Server, if necessary!

SOFTKLIX is able to manage directly via the Deployment Center management tool commands, as start/stop etc. of virtual hypervisor Windows Images for its virtual Applications, virtual Desktop or VDI-Computing environments.

SOFTKLIX PRO , Web-/Cloud Gateway Server Dimensioning

Web-/Cloud Gateway Server Requirements for SOFTKLIX PRo (HTML5 Access).

For the Web-/Cloud Gateway Server, you will need to calculate the following host resources:

Web-/Cloud Gateway Server Requirements**

**Note: Cloud Gateway can be installed on the SOFTKLIX PRO Application Server as well.

SOFTKLIX PRO , VDI-Computing Server Dimensioning

Scenarios on both physical or equivalent virtual Hosts

SOFTKLIX PRO - Access Client Dimensioning


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