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Indications are that we’ve not yet reached the peak of the Covid-19 epidemic.

For some companies, that could mean disaster – threatening their very existence or potentially suffering high financial losses.

Mobile working is more important today than ever and a large proportion of office workplaces are ‘ready’ for this type of working.

However, with SOFTKLIX you can easily enable remote access for all your work apps & data in minutes… anywhere. You can even integrate with existing Cloud or On-premise I.T. infrastructures. All you need is a public IP address on the on-premise server or simply install the SOFTKLIX Deployment Center Server on a Windows based Cloud Server. Cloud servers are usually the fastest, cheapest and most secure option!

For data protection reasons (e.g. GDPR), SOFTKLIX recommends that only local Cloud Service Providers are used, as they’ll be able to offer the necessary data protection conditions, like SSL 128-bit encryption or VPN tunneling.

A SOFTKLIX application server or a SOFTKLIX VDI connection can be accessed from any standard browser-based hardware device e.g. private BYOD devices, existing PC’s, tablets or even smartphones.

SOFTKLIX enables access to any number of SOFTKLIX applications or VDI servers in either single-user or multi-user mode, with only a single ‘per-user’ license….. even for multi-cloud environments!

As standard, SOFTKLIX comes with its feature-rich web-based management tools (including multi-tenant and co-location access), browser-based access programs and a web-workspace desktop, for more productive work.

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