SOFTKLIX: Manages and controls diverse IT infrastructures…

The answer to an IT departments headaches and problems.

When you reach for the oil can, you want more than just lubrication. You also want to clean and prevent rust.

With your Cloud/Virtualization strategy, you also want to have everything in one solution, so you’re not paying over the odds or having to learn multiple technologies.  This is exactly what SOFTKLIX WVD-10* and WVD-2016* does.

SOFTKLIX’s unique virtual services deliver an ‘all-in-one’ DaaS/SaaS and hyperconvergence architecture that guarantees Microsoft Windows Server and Desktop Operating Systems can be scaled faster and easier, than ever before.

The main advantages of SOFTKLIX are:

  • All Windows systems are shared resulting in increased utilization, price & performance ratio.
  • No need to upgrade any hardware, as all existing end devices and peripherals (even legacy Win Vista) become fully compatible again, allowing them to be used much longer. Not only is this more sustainable, but also delivers huge savings with any IT budget.
  • Highly coordinated services equate to increased productivity, easier administration, and fewer problems/ errors.
  • Higher security via encrypted RDP and RemoteFX compatible high-performance protocols which guarantee and minimize resource consumption:

– Lower bandwidth

– lower latencies

– higher data throughput

– better video experience etc.

and of course, unparalleled utilization of all physical and virtual cloud computers.


If it’s good enough for the likes of Amazon AWS, Microsoft AZURE or others offer similar technologies, why not get the most affordable, scalable and flexible alternative from SOFTKLIX ? ….’all-in-1’ for only $2/user/month.

* WVD-10 and WVD-2016 are part of SOFTKLIX GO and SOFTKLIX PRO subscription.


SOFTKLIX is a synonym for…. “Incorporating, managing and remotely controlling complex SOFTWARE environments with only a few mouse-KLIX”. This includes Windows O/S’s (server/desktop), Virtualization, Applications, virtual Desktops and physical/virtual hardware (e.g. operating system components, cores & RAM), as well as all the leading network and security standards, all from the industry leaders. At the same time, SOFTKLIX, as a cloud and on-premise aggregator, integrated with and takes-over the world’s best-known hypervisor(s) and para-virtualized computing resources in the “simplest” possible way. This means that ‘EVERY’ administrator is ’empowered’ to deliver the most efficient “computing” environments for 1 or 1,000s of users. Each user can also be in clusters, with each having their own unique requirements and needs. From only $2, users can be up and running in a matter of minutes with the most ingenious and intuitive software platform anywhere in the world.

Disclaimer: We hereby unconditionally acknowledge all trademarks mentioned above and their rights.

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