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What Microsoft only offers today, SOFTKLIX has been able to offer for a long time

For almost two decades now, today’s SOFTKLIX development team has been offering Windows desktop systems for multi-user operation in various companies and variations. What then began with desktop operating systems such as multi-user MS-DOS, multi-user Windows 3.1/ME/XP/VISTA/W7 and multi-user Windows 8 was integrated and offered in Windows 10 immediately after its introduction and market launch.

Microsoft had known about this for a long time and tolerated it, even though they always insisted that RDSH licenses should be obtained for each additional user. But as a long-time observer one can be surprised, because while Microsoft always pointed out that the Windows desktop operating system is not suitable for multi-user operation, we have been taught better since the introduction of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) for Windows 10.

SOFTKLIX was far ahead of Microsoft and its time and even more, because:

  • Officially only makes the product available to Microsoft via its own Azure Cloud Service. This means Microsoft is forcing customers to expensive subscriptions and a tangle of licenses and server specifications overburden decision makers in companies and organizations.
  • The customer is forced to subscribe only to Microsoft Azure services, because there are no other providers in the market, except SOFTKLIX.
  • Microsoft limits the product WVD-10 to max. 10 users.
  • Microsoft does not offer the solution on physical servers. Microsoft forces the customer into their Cloud Eco system.
  • Microsoft cannot cluster this WVD-10 solution with other WVD-10 solutions in large rollouts, as SOFTKLIX has been offering for some time.
  • Microsoft still provides cumbersome tools for managing applications and resources, while SOFTKLIX offers a single, easy-to-use web-based remote management tool.

What other advantages does SOFTKLIX offer over Microsoft WVD 10?

  1. SOFTKLIX is affordable, i.e. a user license costs from $2 per month. Choose your own affordable and best service providing Cloud Service Provider
  2. SOFTKLIX can cluster Windows Server Multi-User System with Windows Desktop Systems
  3. SOFTKLIX is cloud provider independent and can even cluster “Multi-Cloud”
  4. SOFTKLIX can be used on-premise, cloud and hybrid (both) – the administrator has the choice
  5. SOFTKLIX can be used with any browser, any client operating system (Apple Safari, Microsoft Explorer/Edge, Chrombook/ChromeOS, Android, Linux and many more) and any endpoint device
  6. SOFTKLIX has already integrated all the tools you need to buy from Microsoft
  7. SOFTKLIX supports an unlimited number of users
  8. SOFTKLIX supports an unlimited number of servers or desktop computers, because it is a user-related licensing.
  9. SOFTKLIX is compatible to Microsoft WVD and can extend and improve the WVD Windows 10 multi-user system enormously.
  10. SOFTKLIX can also be operated in a co-location data center environment. Microsoft even provides licenses for this. Companies and organizations use their own virtual servers and keep independency.
  11. SOFTKLIX is hyperconvergence ready. The software is able to manage remote virtual images from Amazon AWS, AlibabaCloud, Microsoft hyper-V and all other KVM hypervisors…

and 25 more money-saving advantages… please have a look at our homepage at: or contact our sales team at:

So stay tuned for SOFTKLIX, some more innovations will be launched here in the coming weeks and months!


SOFTKLIX is a synonym for…. “Incorporating, managing and remotely controlling complex SOFTWARE environments with only a few mouse-KLIX”. This includes Windows O/S’s (server/desktop), Virtualization, Applications, virtual Desktops and physical/virtual hardware (e.g. operating system components, cores & RAM), as well as all the leading network and security standards, all from the industry leaders.

At the same time, SOFTKLIX, as a cloud and on-premise aggregator, integrated with and takes-over the world’s best-known hypervisor(s) and para-virtualized computing resources in the “simplest” possible way. This means that ‘EVERY’ administrator is ’empowered’ to deliver the most efficient “computing” environments for 1 or 1,000s of users. Each user can also be in clusters, with each having their own unique requirements and needs. Users can be up and running in a matter of minutes with the most ingenious and intuitive software platform anywhere in the world.

Disclaimer: We hereby unconditionally acknowledge all trademarks mentioned above and their rights.

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