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Black Friday Sale 2019

Black Friday Sale 2019

Enjoy incredible savings on SOFTLIX PRO Until Midnight of Sunday, December 1st, 2019, save 33% on our popular SOFTKLIX PRO license. Valid for as long as 5 years (please choose desired length of license) and up to 1000 users. Apply “blackfriday2019” as coupon code on checkout.



SOFTKLIX: Manages and controls diverse IT infrastructures… The answer to an IT departments headaches and problems. When you reach for the oil can, you want more than just lubrication. You also want to clean and prevent rust. With your Cloud/Virtualization strategy, you also want to have everything in one solution, so you’re not paying over …

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Multi-User Win10

What Microsoft only offers today, SOFTKLIX has been able to offer for a long time For almost two decades now, today’s SOFTKLIX development team has been offering Windows desktop systems for multi-user operation in various companies and variations. What then began with desktop operating systems such as multi-user MS-DOS, multi-user Windows 3.1/ME/XP/VISTA/W7 and multi-user Windows …

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Selectel Tech Day

SOFTKLIX joins the Selectel Tech Day 2019 in St. Peterburg SOFTKLIX took part as a sponsor at the Selectel Tech Day in September 2019. In addition to well-known manufacturers such as VMware, new technology approaches were shown to improve IT infrastructures in organizations and companies and make them easier for administrators. The event was very …

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