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cloud class

CloudClass Launch

SOFTKLIX, supplier of a hyperconvergence and Cloud based virtual IT-Platform proudly announces today the most affordable and interactive CloudClass a Classroom Management solution for Home-Learning in Covid-19 times. Watch Demo Webinar

Remote Culture

‘Remote Culture’

Switch your company to working remotely today! COVID-19 proved that it is possible, so why not continue the trend to actually increase productivity & collaboration while communicating effectively. Can’t image how it could work for you? Book a demo today, to let our experienced consultants show you the way… Book Demo

Coronavirus SOFTKLIX


More about SOFTKLIX and the CORONAVIRUS Indications are that we’ve not yet reached the peak of the Covid-19 epidemic. For some companies, that could mean disaster – threatening their very existence or potentially suffering high financial losses. Mobile working is more important today than ever and a large proportion of office workplaces are ‘ready’ for …



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